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At Midfield, we strive to create modern brand experience tactics that excite and engage. Our philosophy marries a design-minded approach and deep commitment to crafting unique, first-to-market XM programming, with an old-world attitude that emphasizes quality and active client support. We are careful but confident about the strategies we develop, the suppliers we select, the people we hire and the partners we join. This attentive approach extends to everything we do and make: we think before we act. We know that simple is not only best – it works. We aim to achieve this by carefully curating end-user engagement and focusing on how we can best serve up meaningful and impactful experience on behalf of our clients. This, to us, is the essence of well-crafted experiential development.
At Midfield we are experiential architects. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring together the talents of experiential artisans and craftsmen to create unique customer engagement.


Before social media was all the rage, we had people engaged in conversations with brands. We’re the original social media!


We believe moments create lasting impact. Our creative helps compel your audience to laugh, play, think, feel & love.


Whether through web, social or experiential engagements, we thrive on connecting people with brands.

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Midfield has the tools to craft your unforgettable customer experience

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As a new company we knew there was value in developing our brand. Midfield helped us craft our brand message, develop a brand identity and launch our website with ease. We're thrilled with the results!

John Conidi, Conidi Custom Homes

True visionaries, Midfield was able to walk us through our brand launch from start to finish. Professional, trustworthy and insightful, our experience was incredibly valuable.

Peter Ornelas, Brock Sandwich

Midfield's insights into our existing brand was extremely valuable. Their ability to identify key areas to address was met with a succinct strategy, and the execution was flawless.

Albert Benudiz, BA Graphics